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Maintenance method of bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture is becoming more and more popular with its many advantages, such as its environmental protection, aesthetics, natural characteristics, historical origin and other reasons. Today I will introduce the precautions and maintenance methods of bamboo furniture.

1. Due to the particularity of bamboo furniture, pure natural bamboo has the natural characteristics of plants and will actively absorb water. So keep it in a dry place, keep it well ventilated, and avoid moisture. If it is often placed in a damp, dark place, it will be beneficial to the reproduction of microorganisms due to humidity, and mold worms will easily occur. If you encounter rainy weather in the south, you can buy a moisture absorber.

2. Try to avoid strong direct sunlight, which will accelerate the aging of the paint film and make the surface of bamboo furniture lose its luster;

3. Don't let corrosive materials damage the surface of bamboo furniture. Corrosive materials will corrode the paint film, thereby reducing the service life of bamboo furniture.

4. There is dust on the surface of bamboo furniture, which can be wiped with a soft wet cloth. Use paint brushes or vacuum cleaners to clean the dust in the gaps. Do not use cleaners or solvents that can damage the surface of bamboo furniture.

5. Wipe bamboo furniture products with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate, but also keep its flexibility for a long time, and has a certain effect of preventing brittle breaks and insects. Paint the surface of bamboo furniture with varnish or cooked tung oil. This will not only prevent moth, but also make it durable and beautiful, which is a good thing with multiple birds.

6. After using the bamboo furniture, try to keep the surface clean, so as not to breed bacteria and insects; if the phenomenon of insect moth occurs, you can use an appropriate amount of sharp pepper or pepper, mash it into the powder, stuff it into the moth hole, and flush it with boiling water to prevent it Insects spread.

7. Bamboo furniture that has not been soaked in strict special anti-insect, anti-fungal agent and high-temperature cooking or carbonization should never be purchased, because the possibility of insects in the bamboo furniture you buy in the later period will increase, and the difficulty of care will also be increased. Will increase.

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